DF Nano membrane
Selective Filtration Nanofiltration membranes work with the force between charges on electriferous groups to selectively filter out harmful substances such as bacteria, residual chlorine, organic contaminants, and heavy metals in water, while properly retaining minerals like potassium, sodium, calcium and magnesiumrequired by the body
Water and Power Efficient OriginWater low-pressure Nano filters provide high-flux filtration, realizing higher water efficiency and more than 70% lower power consumption compared with traditional purifiers. Have OriginWater for a healthier and greener life.
Nanofiltration water purifier D601/D601R
Nano Filter – New Experience, New Lifestyle
Ultrafiltration water purifier U608
Slim, Stylish & Powerful
Nanofiltration water purifier D525W
Nano Filter - Your Healthy Water Producer
Nanofiltration drinking machine D668
Making Drinking A Luxury Experience